Nick Marshall

Makeup Artist and Teacher 

Nick Marshall has worked as a makeup artist and educator since 2001. Nick began his career with Aveda as a sales advisor at the Aveda West Broadway Salon and Lifestyle Store and began training as a makeup artist at the New York Aveda Advanced Academy qualifying in Makeup Artistry after just two years. Since 2011 Nick has been on the European Technical Education team and now brings his talent back to North America. Nick’s professional history includes appearances in global editorial campaigns from ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Russian VOGUE plus runway fashion campaigns during both New York and London Fashion Week with designers such as Ghost, Reiss, and recently Topshop.

Nick has worked during Aveda Congress Festival 2013 as a featured artist, in development of many current Aveda curricula and behind the scenes as a featured Guest Artist during the creation of Aveda’s Spring 2013 collection Culture Clash and Autumn 2016 collection "Foklor".

Now living in L.A he has already worked on several projects for Television and Makeup for many different LGBTQ events. Most recently Julie Herbert (writer for American Crime) for the Emmy's.